Rolling Sphere: A Box of Fun

Rolling Sphere: A Box of Fun

Rolling Sphere: A box of fun is the most entertaining and addictive arcade game for your iPhone or Android device to get the right colored balls to hit the right colored pegs. Enjoy the puzzle and beat the timer!


This arcade game is offering you to enjoy the unique style with entertaining and highly addictive gameplay in an exciting sea of knock offs. Each level is offering you one of a kind way to have fun and be challenged testing your skills. On this game arcade you will certainly enjoy the randomness included in every level that allows you to repeat levels if you like. Even though, the arcade game is offering you more than 500 different levels, you will for sure enjoy all of them and never want to repeat a level.  


You will certainly enjoy playing because the game is offering you the feeling of an old fashioned puzzle, created as a handheld puzzle game that is placed in amazing arcade graphics. The combination of puzzle and game arcade will get you addicted to it fast. Your task on this puzzle arcade is to get the right colored balls to hit the right colored pegs with being careful not to go over the ball limit while beating the timer on each level. You need to be careful, beware of the walls because if you hit the wrong one, your ball will multiply. Also, if you hit the other walls, your ball will disappear. Just keep the colored spheres where you want them and don’t get over run.


With this old fashioned puzzle you are getting to challenge your skills as you beat each level. More levels you win on this handheld puzzle game, the challenges are getting harder as the number of colored balls you need is changing. Also, the walls will change and the position of the colored pegs too, making this game arcade harder. If you can’t seem to beat a specific level on this puzzle, all you need to do is to go to the menu, skip it, and come back to it later, whenever you want to.  


- Unique game style 

- Randomness in over 500 different levels

- Handheld puzzle in amazing arcade graphics

- Get the right colored balls to hit the right colored

- Don’t go over the ball limit and beat the timer 

- Beware of the walls 

- Increase in difficulty as you pass the levels 

- Option to skip levels

- Free for download 

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Enjoy the exciting combination of puzzle and arcade, challenge yourself in 500 levels with this handheld puzzle game. 

Download it now for FREE!