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In a sea of knock-offs, Rolling Sphere, is a uniquely entertaining game

Rolling Sphere is a uniquely entertaining game in a sea of knock offs. A one of a kind way to be entertained and amazed by the challenge of each levels. With randomness included in each level, you can even repeat levels and have fun. Although, with over 500 levels, you may never want to repeat a level. 

Rolling Sphere has the feel of an old fashion hand held puzzle game placed in amazing arcade graphics. You’ll be challenged to get the right colored balls to hit the right colored pegs. Be careful not go over the ball limit and you have to beat the timer. Beware of the walls, hit the wrong one and your ball will multiply. Hit other walls and your ball will disappear. Keep the colored spheres where you want them and don’t get over run. 

As your levels increase in Rolling Sphere the challenges get harder. The number of colored balls you need changes. The walls will change. Even the position of the colored pegs will change. Don’t worry if there is level you can’t seem to beat. Go to the menu and just skip it and come back to it later.

Rolling Sphere, a uniquely entertaining game that is sure to help you beat those boring waiting rooms or car rides. Check it out today, just click download. Start having a one of a kind, uniquely entertaining adventure today.

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