New Game for Kids: Kids Find The Color

Now helping your little ones just got even easier. Everyone is busy now a days and everyone wants to help their little ones get ahead and learn things faster and sooner. Unfortunately those two things often make it hard for parents to do the best they can for their kids. M. D. Allen Company understands that and is introducing apps to help parents provide their kids with a head start in school by launching fun games for kids with educational value. Check out our new game Kids Find the Color. This fun little game for your preschooler will get them giggling at the funny bear while they learn their colors. Now available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and the Amazon App Store. Want your kids to get an even bigger head start? Check out the settings button and change the language they hear the question to find the color in. Can they figure out the color when they’re being asked to find it in Chinese or Spanish? Lots of giggles and learning for them and you’ll feel good that you’re helping them to a bright future. 

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